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"....its been above & beyond what we expected...... it just all fell into place...... at the end when the results came up, we achieved what we wanted, and a little bit more!..."  Brian - Wyndham Cache Cafe

Wyndham Cache Cafe - Werribee

Brian & Nuge Ahmed approached ICON INTERIORS with a big problem. Their popular café/ restaurant was so noisy they couldn’t hear themselves think. In addition to that, the space was dated & didn’t reflect the warm welcoming nature of the owners. The enforced coronavirus restrictions turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it gave the Wyndham Cache Café owners time to think about how they needed to renovate. The enforced closure time was the perfect chance to act. Working around the clock, the ICON Trade Team managed to complete this entire project in a very compressed timeline during the last 2 weeks of café restrictions, allowing them to re-open to their enthusiastic clientele who were beating down the doors in the rush. The first few days of opening saw them swamped with customers eager to see the transformation and they were not disappointed!  The key issue that Brian & Nuge had was the lack of an acoustic mitigation strategy.  An unfortunate combination of tiled floor, hard plaster & glass walls with a mediocre ceiling created an echo chamber for the diners, amplifying every clank of a pan in the kitchen and every scrape of a chair leg in the dining area. We resolved the acoustic dramas with clever material choices: vinyl flooring, super high-performance ceiling tiles & timber battens mounted on acoustic backing. The space is now acoustically comfortable and looks stunning as an additional bonus!



Nuge & Brian gave ICON INTERIORS free rein to begin with, allowing our creative in- house Design Team to let their minds go crazy for this Restaurant refurbishment! Three of our designers collaborated to create three very separate directions to assist the Ahmeds to decide what style they liked for the café/ restaurant in Wyndham. The winner of the day featured a lot of timber battens by Sculptform, which not only look stunning, but also are a huge asset in terms of acoustic pickup. Each batten forms an entrapment, and the black acoustic backing behind it absorbs the sound trapped.

The timber battens wrap around the extended curved bulkhead, hugging the form of the bar counter below & seamlessly tying the whole space together. The timber battens continuing on the two main walls not only serve an acoustic purpose, but visually unite the space & ensure consistency. The walls of the bar & the underside of the bulkhead are painted in a stunning jewel blue (Dulux Sir Edmund) which pops off the neutral timber tones and complements the battens without stealing the aesthetic show. The bulkhead & paint zones the space & subtly separates it from the hubbub of the dining area.

Further into the space, an custom banquette against the far wall is upholstered in Laine Silk Ocean, linking to the blue cocoon around the bar. High commercial grade vinyl ensures hygiene & quality for many years of wear & tear. The banquette was especially designed to assist with creating zones within the large dining space, which previously felt like the table settings were rattling around the room. The banquette provides a non- portable seating space, lending solidity to the atmosphere of the dining room. It combines structure with a slimline footprint, allowing Brian & Nuge to retain the flexibility of the room, as they often use it for large group events, reconfiguring the tables to suit 100’s of people for weddings, birthdays, corporate events & more.

The flooring is an incredibly realistic hybrid vinyl by Godfrey Hirst, Apollo Hardwood 540 Spotted Gum Riverbank. Not only is it stellar for its acoustic performance (when compared to tiles or other hard flooring), as the vinyl absorbs the noise from chair legs scraping, people talking & cutlery clanking, but it is graded for 15 years of commercial use & is waterproof, which is perfect for the restaurant application. Their ability to be laid with the clip- lock system where they connect together made this flooring the perfect choice for rapid install within the tight timeframe.

The existing furniture was kept, the new design working around them to allow them to still suit the space without holding the new aesthetics back from the new, modern look.

The result speaks for itself, splendiferous looks & outstanding acoustics combining to achieve the perfect finished fitout result for Nuge, Brian & their children, who also work in the Wyndham Cache located in Werribee.

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