ICON Studio

The convergence of inhouse genius, we produce extraordinary & rapid outcomes for Medical & Relational spaces.

Inhouse Team

We are an inhouse multidisciplinary team with years of study & consultancy in space engineering, design, people and construction.
Space Engineering
This is where the genius begins. Throwing out conventional thinking in space design & utilsation, our out-of-the-box genius space engineering team works closely with compliance & construction to ensure initial concepts through to drawings specification are fully compliant with the Building Code and value managed design from the conception.
People Performance
Dedicated study & consultancy in the science of people behaviours and performance, we are forensic in the study of results-based data locally and overseas. Utilising proprietary & proven methodologies we create high expectation & mission driven environments, where your people will thrive & perform and the work space becomes the body language of the organisation.
Town Plan & Build Surveyors
Our inhouse multi-disciplinary studio consults across all aspects of building regulatory compliance, and provides fast-track permit approvals ensuring regulatory compliance and client peace of mind for building and tenancy insurance eligibility. Removing delays and redesign costs, we provide a fast & seamless low cost permit process.
Interior Design
Our Interior design team are immersed in the science of Performance-based design. We utilise the 5 Well-Being Principles™ behind the science of design to create zone intelligent visual & physical performance cues which energise and revitalise the people. Going far deeper than first impressions, we create sustainable & Performance-based interiors for self-propelled work places.
Construction Genius
Our build team are inhouse registered builders with qualifications in construction, project management, and construction safety. Our inhouse trades have worked together for over a decade, dedicated to project speed & precision. Working with the design team in concept stages to ensure buildability, build cost efficiencies, and value management.
Change Consultancy
With extensive people & teams experience across a range of diverse industries and cultures, we apply a strategic framework for organisational Change Management. We tailor this to the existing work environment phase, current employee engagement index, business objectives, and the desired changes to propel the organisation forward.
Principal Genius

Gavin Morley

An author, consultant, thought leader. Internationally known in behavioural performance, acoustics, and visual communication.

A registered builder, a building code consultant throughout Australia, and many years immersed in the engineering of space. Gavin is the founder & principal genius of Icon.

Personally overseeing every design engagement we are awarded, and ensuring extraordinary value management in every project delivery we are appointed, our client outcomes are no less than extraordinary.

Gavin is constantly involved with client projects to ensure extraordinary space utilisation outcomes, value & cost management, and high levels of client return on investment.

The ICON Team’s favourite client quote about Gavin is this:

“I’ve learnt more about design in the last 15 minutes from Gavin, than all the money we have spent with               XXXXX Architects over the last 6 weeks”