ForestOne - Abbotsford

A workplace journey, a whole new world of experience and human renewal as you are led through the space.

ForestOne engaged with 3 architecture firms before selecting and announcing Icon Interiors as the winning design for the 1250sqm signature workplace. Behind the scenes the Icon studio orchestrated a strategic and behavioural analysis of the ForestOne organisation, creating an evidence-based foundation for an extraordinary design-resilient and post-COVID workplace. With 2021 being a turning point in the evolution of workplace design, the collaborative inhouse studio at Icon Interiors developed a new approach to human office design. This was for the ForestOne workplace to be not just a place to get things done, but as a thriving identity centre to generate an ongoing renewal of emotional engagement of the people with the values, the corporate vision, and the revenue objectives of the company.

Icon masterminded a highly built form of abundance and organic architecture, redefining immersive workplace experience for the ForestOne people and client journey. A workplace design at international award-winning class, Icon has redefined extraordinary. Creating a human design journey and not a workstation wasteland, the winning design is built on the foundation of the 5 Well-being Principles ™ behind the science of performance-based design. An experiential sense of culture, well-being, nature and revitalisation. Culture can be typically thought of as how fun a place is to work at. For Icon, sustainable culture is to infuse workplace design with senses of purpose, expectation, and physiological renewal.  Truly creating architecture to serve the purpose of work in new ways of working into 2021.

Thank goodness for Icon. You are so much more than a design company, you solve everything.
Ian Fankhanel - Managing Director

Following the winning design appointment, Icon was then engaged to deliver the project construction. The Icon inhouse studio consulted and undertook all space engineering, performance-based interior design, building permits, compliance, and meticulous build construction . The outcome was a highly efficient build cost well below industry budget and cost expectations. An outcome that can be truly described as extraordinary for the ForestOne stakeholders, its people, and its clients.

 * all images form part of the ‘record of works’ report

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Jellis Craig Ringwood

What a transformation for Jellis Craig Ringwood!  Loving the way the large windows scale up to 7 meters tall, making the reception & meeting room area feel like you are in the right spot for your real estate needs in Ringwood.  New meeting rooms & phone booths kitted out with acoustic wall panelling, a new sales hub at the rear & a new look breakout area were just part of this culture transformation Jellis Craig Ringwood experienced. Having worked with the directors since 2012, Icon Interiors are proud to be part of these rapidly growing real estate teams.