Genius Space Engineered™

We are immersed in the behavioural science of people performance.

This disciplinary expertise enables us to create self-propelled environments, so that the work space becomes the body language™ of the organisation.

People are the biggest investment & highest operating expense for any business.

Understanding the structural science of people behavior and performance is how we make your work place pay for itself with a return on investment many times over.

Our inhouse team delivers a proven methodology where your people will be emotionally engaged, energising discretionary effort across your people.


The outcome is a self-propelled environment where the team runs of its own steam and the space becomes the body language of the organisation.

Included in this disciplinary expertise is the 5 Well-Being Principles™ behind the science of design:

  • Acoustic Mitigation

  • Biophilic Physiology Responses

  • Spatial Engagement

  • Ergonomic Healthcare

  • Lighting zone-targeting