International Cargo Express - Tullamarine

The call to ICON was about a couple of offices needing built, & from there it turned into a culture changing transformation.

The Icon studio engineered the space blueprint creating extraordinary space utilisation and demonstrated an overwhelming business case and ROI for John & Marcus and the Board of ICE. Value based engineering & construction across the 2 story building achieved a dramatic increase in revenue generating ratio per square metre, and achieved an environment of energy & renewal for their people

The Feng Shui of the new offices creates a calm welcome. With the design genius changes, the ceiling feels higher although there were no alterations made. Clever workplace design involved relocating the boardroom to the back of the building where the lack of natural light won’t impact the team wellbeing, allowing the daily use spaces to be filled with natural light. Using the science behind the ICON INTERIORS 5 Wellbeing Principles©, the feelgood factor was maximised with the use of natural light, biophilia & the other principles to improve the people performance which ultimately positively effects the bottom line.

We loved working with the friendly team at ICE, as one of the ICON team said “John was a walking smile!”


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International Cargo Express - Tullamarine

From the beginning, John & Marcus Mangiafico were an absolute pleasure to work with.  The first call to ICON INTERIORS was just about some new carpet & a couple of offices needing to be built.  The ICON INTERIORS in-house DesignTeam went to work, creating transformational magic above & beyond the initial thoughts, backed up with a business case.  John, Marcus and the Board of ICE saw the entire two story tenancy as a massive step for their great staff culture as well being a smart business decision and return on investment. Conveniently for ICE, the cost was offset by tax savings as it was just before June 30. The photos of this project absolutely do not do it justice. The Feng Shui of the new offices feels calm & welcoming. Unbelievably, even the ceiling feels higher although there were no alterations made to it. Clever workplace design moved the boardroom to the back of the building where there is no natural light, allowing spaces where people work & relax to be filled with light. Using the ICON INTERIORS 5 Wellbeing Principles© , we maximised the feelgood factor of natural light, biophilia & the other principles to improve the wellbeing of the staff, and ultimately the bottom line.

When our Senior Project Director Gavin and one of our house DesignTeam Sophie first met with John & Marcus, the brief was to re-carpet upstairs & build 3 offices. However, as we looked at the space, we envisioned a much greater result. We gave the plans of the building to our in-house Design Team with a blank slate, and they worked the magic for both the operational efficiencies and wellbeing of the valued team at ICE. When John & Marcus saw the potential for the building and the potential return on investment with increased capacity & dramatically improved staff amenities, they were blown away and gave us the go ahead to transform their tired workplace into something great.

The photos don’t do the wonderful workplace justice!  Part of the creative magic, the workspace exudes a calm, pleasant, open feeling which is highly conducive to productivity. When we as human beings feel better, we perform better just by default. When external concerns such as an uncomfortable chair are removed, we are able to concentrate on our work. External factors can be used to drive concentration and wellbeing, making the ICON INTERIORS 5 Wellbeing Principles© a huge part of ICON INTERIORS project success.  For example, biophilic elements, which includes but is by no means limited to plants, can have unbelievable positive effects on our productivity.

The new design saw the boardroom moved from the first floor down to the ground floor, providing easy access for visitors, opening straight on to reception, and added to a much improve flow on the first floor.  Relocating the board room meant we could bring the kitchen/ breakout area up to the first floor. Previously a tiny space with a dungeon feel on the ground floor adjoining the warehouse, the staff break out space now takes the full width of the top floor and is a huge re-charge asset for the team.  A comfortable & welcoming breakout space is key when becoming an employer of choice.  The staff can use the break out area to relax during break time, as well as providing an awesome area for informal one- on- one catchups, team meetings & get togethers. We have also found that salespeople occasionally use the space to make a couple of quick calls to break up the monotony of being at their desk. A lot of clients are at first reluctant to give up so much real estate to the breakout area as it may not seem like a high return on investment, but on post occupancy review they often express they are glad for the use of space, with some wishing they had it bigger in their office fitout Melbourne.

The ICE breakout space design was led by the company colour, royal blue. Creative and inexpensive use of materials make the space engaging and fun without adding massively to the cost. The Spectrum tiles in Ashen, Graphite & Imperial by Godfrey Hirst add interest to passageways & subtly zone different areas. In the boardroom & breakout space, use of acoustic panelling to the walls serves a double purpose. Not only providing visual stimulation of random blue shapes on a light grey background, it creates a point where sound will stop.  Receiving 2-3 calls for help a week on projects with failed or no acoustic mitigation strategies incorporated into their offices, ensures ICON INTERIORS focus hugely on the acoustics of a space to ensure that it is usable. The acoustic paneling is an absorbing surface, vs the reflective surfaces of hard plaster & glass. The spaces within this office fitout Melbourne feature carpet where possible along with high performance acoustic ceiling tiles, providing further deadening & acoustic privacy.

We loved working with the friendly team at ICE, as one of the team said “John was a walking smile!” A rewarding project indeed, nothing makes us happier than seeing our wonderful ICON Family happy with their new office fit out Melbourne!