Genius Space Engineered™

The convergence of inhouse engineering & design genius.

The result of our proprietary Force Multiplier™ methodology is extraordinary space utilisation & people performance outcomes for our clients.

What we do

We are an interior space engineering studio, achieving the extraordinary for our clients. We do this by genius space utilization, strategic building code insight, and the structural science of people performance.

Wired by the science of People Performance, we mastermind & construct the work space so it becomes the body language of the organisation.

Powered by our proprietary Force Multiplier™ methodology, we create self-propelled environments that drive a high and ongoing return on investment for the organisation.

The 3 category disciplines of Force Multiplier™


Space Engineering

The Engineered Blueprint. Utilising a strategic insight into the Building Code, we unlock & mastermind a sustainable Blueprint design that others thought was not possible. The result is reduced tenancy and build costs, and design resilience that can expand for growth and facilitate new ways of working into the future.

We engineer an in-depth analysis into the client work zones and space including perceived challenges and onsite roadblocks, unlocking the hidden code that it is latent in every work space. The result is an engineered blueprint that gives extraordinary space utilisation and is future-resilient to unlock and propel growth across your organisation into the future.

Design Package Options

People Performance

The delivery of the Engineered Blueprint. To ensure the blueprint vision is delivered so your people are energised to thrive, feel and perform at their best. We are immersed in the applied behavioural science of people, creating a mission driven environment that reduces people costs through talent retention & renewal.

We create self-propelled and high output environments that feed energy & high expectation, reducing hidden costs of low output and uncovered misalignment. The 5 Wellbeing Pillars framework underpin & ensure the enduring success of the Engineered Blueprint delivery, bringing to life the work environment to become the body language of the organisation.

Behavioural Science

Cost Management

Although we are an architecture & engineering studio, because we are also registered builders, in-depth cost analysis and value management is part of our DNA. The result? Genius architecture and space utilisation that is designed to be built incredibly efficiently, and valued managed cost-effective project delivery.

Our strategic insight into the Building Code ensures full building works compliance and removes hidden costs and delays at the time of permit applications as BCA compliance gaps come to the surface. Additionally because of our expertise in cost management design, our blueprint design reduces implementation & build costs by up to 17%.

Fitout Delivery