Tax Integrity Group - Preston

    A transformation from bike shop to a sharp new office for the wonderful team at Tax Integrity Group!

    “The Force Multiplier™ methodology and the application of the 5 Well-being Pillars™ was a gamechanger for the Tax Integrity Group.  Zone-intelligent lighting was used to achieve destination driven staff travel throughout the work spaces and the implementation of vibrant light transfer without glare. With perceived limitations within the site itself, Icon utilised its strategic insight into the building code for an extraordinary result for TIG.”

    The experience itself was really fantastic overall. You absolutely nailed it.
    Chetan Joshi

    In order to fit into the tight budget for the transformation, our Value Engineering came into play, providing the same look & superior functionality for less outlay. We pedalled hard to complete this project and to make sure the numbers all added up for Chetan.  Care for his large client family is his number one priority & with his company values aligning perfectly with ours, the whole team at ICON INTERIORS enjoyed working with Chetan for this office fitout Melbourne.  

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    The experience itself was really fantastic overall.  You absolutely nailed it." Chetan Joshi

    Tax Integrity Group - Preston

    A wheelie awesome transformation from a bike shop into a sharp new office for the wonderful Chetan & his team at Tax Integrity Group! The brief of creating offices that were both acoustically sound for privacy but didn’t feel entrapped by solid walls was fulfilled.  With one whole side of the tenancy being glass, a huge amount of natural light streams into the work space.  Maximising on the ‘Lighting’ Wellbeing Pillar of successful workplaces, we created glass fronted offices facing toward the light, allowing for light transfer without glare. Soft grey walls trimmed with fresh white powdercoat, teamed with a grey organic pattern carpet & pops of jewel green make the space inviting without being overpowering. Natural patterns in the marble look laminate, timber look laminate, timber look floor tiles & the carpet which is reminiscent of a root formation provide biophilia and a evoke a positive response from us as humans, promoting productivity & accuracy.



    We pedalled hard to complete this project and to make sure the numbers all added up for Chetan. We really wanted to work with Chetan for this office fitout Melbourne, as his company values aligned perfectly with ours.  Care for his large client family is his number one priority, a mantra which filters through the whole culture of his business. Multiple quote comparisons between us and other Melbourne office fit out providers helped him to make his decision, highlighting the long exclusions list & lack of a Building Permit which is required by the BCA (Building Code of Australia) for legal occupancy. There are often things to look out with fit-out exclusions

    In order to fit into the tight budget for the transformation, our Value Engineering came into play, providing the same look & function for less outlay. Direct sourcing materials such as carpet from the mills removes the extra cost and delivers the value straight to you.

    Acoustically sound offices were a must, as they deal with sensitive information in their work. A high-performance ceiling tile, carpet on the floors (vs. a hard flooring which reflects sound rather than absorbing it), acoustic paneling on the walls & fabric visitor seating all provide a deadening effect, increasing the privacy of each space. Frostings which obscure but don’t block the light from reaching the offices assist with visual privacy.

    Down one whole side of the Preston tenancy is full height windows which enable huge amounts of natural light. To capitalise on this asset, we positioned the build of the offices away from the windows & installed glass fronts. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, the light can then filter through to the workspaces & be pleasant rather than glary. In addition to this, the passage feels light, bright & approachable vs. dark & unwelcoming.

    Soft grey walls in Dulux Tranquil Retreat, trimmed with fresh white powdercoat , invoke a Hampton-esque vibe without being too residential. The grey walls ground the light filled area and provide a twist on the traditional white walls. A stunning grey carpet with brown undertones tie back to the chosen timber look laminate Polytec Artisan Oak, which hovers between brown & dark grey. The seemingly random pattern to the carpet planks echo the quietly biophilic theme, resembling the roots of a plant growing across the floor. Sparingly used pops of jewel green in the form of velvet chairs & a metal coffee table provide contrast & additional interest to the largely neutral backdrop.

    Natural patterns are continued in the reception counter, which is a marble look laminate by Polytec, Calacutta Grey. The smooth finish almost perfectly replicates real marble, delivering the look & feel without the excessive price tag. The laminate’s grey veins with occasional brown streaks echo the colouring throughout.

    We loved working with the wonderful Chetan & his amazing team for this office fit out Melbourne! They are a close-knit group who put their clients interests first, every time. Thank you to Tax Integrity Group  and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

    What our clients say...

    “Working with Icon Interiors was an excellent experience, The team management and communication is impeccable, The quality of service is 5 star and their work ethics are beyond anyone's imagination.  The project delivery was in time, The quality of each work was guaranteed by Icon Interior and process was smooth. I really like to thank Gavin, Sophie, Bridget and ever-green beautiful Victoria. To the whole team of Icon Interiors I thank you from bottom of my heart.”     Chetan Joshi Tax Integrity Group