Critical to the success of your workplace design, Acoustics is a Wellbeing Principle©.  Acoustic mitigation is a critical process & needs to be applied to your project.  It’s not a ‘not nice to have’ – it’s a must have.  Without a strategy being implemented at the beginning of the design stage, your new workplace project could be a total fail. 


Acoustic Mitigation Strategies

Acoustic strategies must be applied as an overlay to your project – and must be in mind when the space planning is being conducted. There are several things to considerUnwanted sound is a distraction, and it can also be a trauma. In order to reduce the pressure in the normal workplace environment, we use specific space planning techniques & select materials which facilitate dampening of sound. With a small amount of clever acoustic control, we can create greater outcomes which ensure a space which is sustainable for you and your team to work in.  Selection of materials, positioning & space planning (Sound is a pressure, as well as a frequency) work together to reduce hotspots of sound pressure.  Principles need to be applied to workstation areas, to meeting rooms, to confidential areas, to quiet spaces and other areas in the workplaceSelection of materials & positioning are key parts of ensuring a well thought out acoustic mitigation strategy and a successful workplace 

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