Genius Space Engineered™

Engineered design blueprints that reduce build costs and achieve the extraordinary.

Space utilisation genius that results in reduced tenancy & build costs, we mastermind the blueprint to unlock & propel growth across your organisation.

Design Gen™

We mastermind the blueprint for your space and for your people.

We unlock space utilisation outcomes that were thought not possible. We leave no square inch unturned to crack the hidden code that is latent in every project space & team of people.

We do this by genius space utilisation, strategic building code insight, and the structural science of people performance.

Our methodology makes the client win many times over. Not a fix of what the perceived need might be today, but a sustainable blueprint for ongoing return on investment self-propelling into the future.

Design Gen™ expertise:

  • Detailed onsite space & objectives analysis

  • Supply of the genius floorplan blueprint

  • Full detailed costings for construction delivery

  • Inhouse fast track permit application & approvals

  • Interior design & Finishes schedules

  • 3D design modelling & imaging

Design Gen™ packages:

Design Gen™ Package 1

Ready to take to your Interior Designer
Design Gen™ Package 2

Ready to take to your Architect
Design Gen™ Package 3

Ready to take to your Builder
Design Gen™ Package 4

Ready to take to your Trades
Design Gen™ Package 5

Ready to take to your Client

To learn how we can create the extraordinary for your organisation & reduce ongoing overhead costs

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