We are an interior space engineering studio, achieving extraordinary office fitout design for our clients.

We create self-propelled environments that drive a high and ongoing return on investment for the organisation.

We create genius, agile and innovative

Office Fitouts in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

We mastermind and construct your Melbourne office fitout so that it becomes the body language of the organisation.

Watch the video to hear how Denis Pagan & Tony Bates yielded a return on investment many times over on their office fitout blueprint.

Using the proprietary Force Multiplier™ methodology, we leave no square inch unturned, cracking the hidden code that is latent in every workplace office fitout space.
The 3 category disciplines of Force Multiplier™
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Space Engineering

The Engineered Blueprint. Utilising a strategic insight into the Building Code, we unlock & mastermind a sustainable Blueprint design that others thought was not possible. The result is reduced tenancy and build costs, and design resilience that can expand for growth and facilitate new ways of working into the future.

We engineer an in-depth analysis into the client work zones and space including perceived challenges and onsite roadblocks, unlocking the hidden code that is latent in every workspace. The result is an engineered office blueprint that gives extraordinary space utilisation and is future-resilient to unlock and propel growth across your organisation into the future.

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People Performance

The delivery of the Engineered Blueprint. To ensure the blueprint vision is delivered so your people are energised to thrive, feel and perform at their best. We are immersed in the applied behavioural science of people, creating a mission-driven environment that reduces people costs through talent retention & renewal.

We create self-propelled and high output office environments that feed energy & high expectation, reducing hidden costs of low output and uncovered misalignment. The 5 Wellbeing Pillars framework underpin & ensure the enduring success of the Engineered Blueprint delivery, bringing the work environment to life to become the body language of the organisation.

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Cost Management

Although we are an architecture & engineering studio; because we are also registered builders, in-depth cost analysis and value management is part of our DNA. The result? Genius architecture and space utilisation that is designed to be built incredibly efficiently, and valued managed cost-effective project delivery.

Our strategic insight into the Building Code ensures full building works compliance and removes hidden costs and delays at the time of permit applications, as BCA compliance gaps come to the surface. Additionally, because of our expertise in cost management design, our blueprint design reduces implementation & build costs by up to 17%.

Featured Office Fitouts & Project Builds

“The ICON creative design & depth of knowledge was the decider”

David Thatcher, Managing Director

Forest One

“You are so much more than a design company, you guys solve everything”

Ian Fankhanel, Managing Director


“The reason we went with ICON was the indepth knowledge & communication at every point”  

Bianca Hamann, Project Engineer

Jellis Craig

“Outside the square thinking created a unique result” 

Andrew McCann, Managing Director

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Performance-based Interior Office Design Engineering
in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane for 19 Years

The Icon studio achieves world-class outcomes in commercial office interiors and workplace design.

We utilise proprietary office design methodology in the science behind performance-based corporate office design. Icon Interiors consult across a range of modern office, corporate office, medical centre fitouts, law firm fitouts, industries and markets. We are immersed in people performance and what engages discretionary effort across the office staff and deliver purpose fit performance-based office workspaces. Our in-house methodology applies the principles of genius space utilisation to any office space. This unlocks the unique space utilisation opportunity for each individual commercial office workplace, revealing the extraordinary for every office refurbishment.

The Icon Studio masterminds modern and ergonomic office interior design workspaces.

Agile Office Space Design

The Icon in-house studio creates agile office space designs, re-engaging the connection of people back with the commercial workplace in flexible ways of working in 2021.

Our office designer studio maps people-flow and space-flow, planning office spaces equipped to provide work zones for respectful collaboration and individual focus work. From designing an executive office space, creating reinvigorating breakout areas, to creating a state-of-the-art boardroom; our office designs yield increased return on investment. With agile corporate office design solutions and space utilisation genius, Icon Interiors know how to create resilient design workplaces across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Contemporary Office Space Designs

Post-pandemic workplace design by Icon Interiors. 
Icon Interiors specialise in modern corporate office interior design and creating spaces that are design-resilient and expandable for future growth. From designing video conferencing rooms to creating co-working spaces, to planning an ultra-modern boardroom equipped to facilitate technology; we create extraordinary modern corporate office design spaces.
Using our Force Multiplier™ methodology, our designers produce modern and contemporary environments with a timeless design structure, that creates rhythm and vibe, and physically energises and revitalises your people.
We utilise space innovation to underpin company transitions from a traditional to a contemporary brand that attracts and retains future leaders within the organisation.

Office Workspace Redesign

Icon Interiors can revitalise your existing office space, reconnecting your people with the mission, values, and revenue objectives of your business.

Remodeling or redesigning your office space? We help with expert space utilisation at the time of refurbishing, relocating, or re-sizing. If you are considering moving due to needing a larger tenancy, we can provide a no-obligation analysis to fit more into the same space. Alternatively, if you are looking at downsizing, we can provide a space utilisation assessment for a potential sublease opportunity.

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