What design style should I choose for my office?

I need to get my office space right – what design style should I choose for my Melbourne office fitout?

Every person and every company has different needs in terms of design for their wonderful new workplace. Not only just where the walls go and how the desks are positioned from a space planning perspective, but also what colours and finishes are used to create these interior spaces.

Different colours evoke different involuntarily responses from us, and often colours which some people love can feel too bright or too dark to others. Using a combination of our 16 years’ experience and our current learnings on Inclusive Design from NeoCon 2019 in Chicago, our design team strives to get a balance to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable, creating a greater level of engagement with their company.

The physical finish of the interiors is also crucial to get right. The rough feel of a natural rattan vs. the polished feel of 2 pack paint can change the vibe of a space dramatically, which in turn affects how people use the area.

We are committed to finding the best style of workplace to suit your team culture – or where you’d like your culture to be – allowing your company to grow and excel further in your industry.

Contact us to find out how we change lives, making your people happier & fulfilled in their workplace.

Have a look at these Melbourne office fitout styles below:

Workplace Style: Industrial Warehouse

Workplace Style: Scandinavian Minimalist

Workplace Style: Monochrome Minimalist

Workplace Style: Warm & Traditional

Workplace Style: Eclectic

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