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The ICON Process

COVID-19 Pandemic Series

How can I maximise my tax write off?
Will the COVID led 'work from home' culture mean I need a small office?
Why is now the perfect time to renovate my offices?
How can I avoid loss of productivity from working from home?
What ergonomic risks can I avoid from working from home?
How can the 150K write off benefit us?
What are the positives we can learn from this pandemic?
How will social distancing impact our office in the future?
What popular design practices have unwittingly contributed to the spread of infection?

Office Fitout Critical Insights

My Noisy Office Is Killing Me – We Cant Hear Ourselves Think
How long does it take to do a fitout?
Do I need to provide disability access in my new office?
How can lean help my office fitout?
What is the difference between residential & high commercial grade?
What is the difference between solid timber & veneer & laminate?
When should I get my internet connected?
Do we need an insurance policy to cover ICON INTERIORS project completion?

Mezzanine Series

What are the risks of building a mezzanine myself?
Will a mezzanine floor solve my problems?
Do I need a building permit to build a mezzanine?

Building Permit Series

How much space do I need for my new office fitout?
Can we use our own trades in an office fitout?

Project Series


Leasing Series

What are the hidden dangers when leasing an office?
how do I know I am signing up the best office for me?
Are you being offered a fitout contribution?

Problems Converting A House To A Clinic Series

No. 1 problem converting house to a clinic – town planning
No. 2 problem converting house to a clinic – building permit
No. 3 problem converting house to a clinic – hidden costs
No. 4 problem converting house to a clinic – correct registration
Klint case study – converting house to a clinic

Occupied Fitout Series

Strategic Design

What are the pros & cons of a co working space

Getting Your Fitout Quote

How do I know how much to allow for my Fitout budget?
How can I ensure there are no aircon costs outside my quote?
Why do other companies have a page of exclusions?


Creating amazing environments within your budget requires a clear understanding of all the elements of design, manufacturing and construction.