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Value engineering key part of our team strategy ensuring that you get best value for money, stretching your project and budget dollar as far as it possibly can.  One of the things that we assess after we have done our strategic design overlay mapping, is deep dive into the intricacies of what’s requires, as well as what the tenancy is capable of.  Within the process of the value engineering, we prepare multiple designs with a cost benefit analysis. For example, we might go into a tenancy that has very specific engineering for the air-conditioning and if the design is modified slightly, we can avoid a whole bunch of associated costs that goes with that.  The value engineering is looking at & considering the base building services, sprinkler layout, air-conditioning layout is one part of the pieces, and the second part is selection of materials, un branded, un-proprietary aluminium systems, panel systems, go into the project costings here or here. In every pieces of this project, we are looking for maximum stretch of budget.  We know where the money needs to be spent from a point of compliance and minimum acoustic control & the things that we are trying to optimise. And then we look at, ok what are the nice to haves? And we will clearly note those out for you.  It can be a really valuable piece in the whole budget costing that will deliver a whole bunch of wow and feeling and personal response to the space, physiological response to the space. And then others the cost is not quite as powerful in terms of a net result for you.  We want to get you into the new space, the staff feeling as awesome as possible, with the business running as efficiently as possible. In terms of material selection, layouts, sharing of walls, speed of implementation of design, speed of implementation of construction technics, cabling methods, air-conditioning design & implementation, we hammer out all those pieces to be able to give you a fixed lump sum bottom line number that we know will get you into that space and off and firing.  The value engineering piece of the process is very detailed, and our transparent project costing module will demonstrate to you all the costs that are associated and show you how we have arrived at all these costs using historical modelling, past projects, and best practice modelling so that you get the best value for money. 

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