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MEX Group - Mulgrave

Amazing design & exceptional execution!  The Mex Group laid out the challenge to deliver a stunning workplace transformation while maintaining business as usual at their Mulgrave office!Meticulous planning, strategic execution and clear communication made this occupied fitout possible for the MEX team!  As a professional services team, the Mex Group required a sophisticated look suitable for client meetings, increased staff capacity and resourceful storage solutions.  Our experienced build team snuck in overnight throughout the project duration to strip out and build walls, transform flooring and deliver a string of stunning transformations to wow the MEX team with as they arrived each morning.   The passionate design maximised the natural light on three sides of the building bringing it into every corner of the office, combined with natural timber tones and real plants to create a harmonious and healthy work environment.  Key to this live project’s success was strong project management and communication to ensure client satisfaction and minimise disruption to the team, making this challenging project a triumphant success.

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