How do I know I am signing up to the best tenancy for me?

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How do I know I am signing up to the best tenancy for me? 

Some of our valued clients that we’ve either done work for many years before or we’ve been in contact with for many years, say to us when the time comes to relocate to a new office Hey, we are just in the process of getting a lease signed, once we’ve got that signed, we’ll give you guys a call. 

We can help you before you sign the lease and before you sign the Heads of Agreement. We can assess the site and its suitability for your organization’s growth. We can assess what your business goals are, what your growth strategy is, how it’s going to fit with your overall brand and make sure that the site is right for you.  

One government department we did a project for asked us to assess three different sites. Winvestigated the sites and their three different leases.  The evaluation included assessing building amenities, the cost of the leases, the tenancy cost increases etc. Then we looked at the cost of fitting out each office. And interestingly enough, when they looked at all the costs across a five year and 10 year period factoring in the ongoing cost of the lease plus the cost of the fitout , there was a very unlikely winner that this department actually went ahead with. For a small cost, we were able to help them navigate their move and ensure they secured the best, most cost-effective tenancy for their new Melbourne fitout. 

If you are considering relocating to new offices, we’re able to help you with the tenancy evaluation to make sure it’s going to achieve your business objectives cost-effectively. Feel free to give us a call and one of our team will be pleased to help you! 

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