Don't rely on "estimates". We guarantee you fixed lump sum pricing, using our update historical costing model that forensically examines the raw cost of every completed project. This gives you piece of mind there will be no hidden surprises. This allows you to make decisions with confidence.

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No Hidden Surprises, Get A Fixed Lump Sum Contract

We provide itemised, transparent, fixed lump sum pricing. There’s no surprises, & everything is included that you need to make sure that you move into the space and keep working.  More typical ‘fitout’ companies might give you a budget “estimate”, which is subject to rise and fall – i.e. a rise! Others might provide a fixed lump sum price, plus a list of exclusions which are down as prime cost or provisional sum.  A prime cost amount could be $12,000 but if it goes higher you have to pay more.  Either way, its not a fixed cost.  ICON INTERIORS are not your typical fitout company, we are consultants that drill right down into every project we work on and get a deep & real understanding of all the costs vs budgets.  We work on very fine margins, and when we give you a fixed lump sum cost, it will include everything that you need to get into that space compliantly, with no hidden agenda, and no hidden costing pills that pop out later & bite you.  ICON INTERIORS provide an all in price, providing you certainty ensuring you can make an informed decision.  You will know exactly what the move is going to cost, we give you the all in number that you need, right down to the wire. Working on such fine margins we have to interrogate each part of the process, and each part of the cost, and we share a really good understanding of everything you need with a fixed limit.  Our clients love our itemised project costing system, they find the transparency refreshing & they love the certainty they can have when approaching their CEO for approval.  When organising finance, the process can be completed in absolute confidence that there’s no sudden increases in costs.  We can also give you an understanding of where potential costs can be saved in your wish list – so we might not be able to get every item that you want in your wishlist in budget, but we can show you the features & items that will get your biggest bang for buck.

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Creating amazing environments within your budget requires a clear understanding of all the elements of design, manufacturing and construction.