We understand you need to protect your biggest asset.  Your team.  Your people who care for your clients.  To protect your biggest asset, we get it.  You need to invest in your workplace for your culture and company to thrive & grow.  We take our role of combining a business perspective with ROI and your staff environment seriously.  

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Protect Your Biggest Investment

We understand that you need to protect your biggest investment, which is your team.  The people that take care of your clients. You need to need to invest in your workplace for your team to thrive & grow and prosper in these times. We take our role in business perspective & need for your company’s ROI, & your staff environment seriously.  After 16 years designing & building offices around Australia, we have many many thrilled clients and awesome case studies for you to get peace of mind. After formal engagement of ICON INTERIORS, the investment protection strategy comes to life.  Each project there is a meeting of the minds & a commitment from our whole team to ensure that your project gets done on time & on budget.  We believe in long term partners & strategic partnerships with trade teams & manufacturing alliances, so that the team that’s trained together and played together & perform at the highest level, looking after you & your project with the highest level of capabilities.  You’ll be dealing with a team that’s worked together to find cost savings, to find time & speed savings over many years to refine. The investment protection really benefits you as our client, you’ll have a team that’s aligned both in terms of cost & timing as well as the finished result. The team are all committed to client care. You’ll find the difference when you walk on site, you’ll find the difference when you talk to the team.  The concept to completion is a big process, and there are risks.  In our 16 years of boots on the ground experience we have many many case studies.  The selected ICON team members that have both the experience & strength in the key skills required for your specific project have been rounded up and team commitment is made to see yet another project through on-time, on-budget and with the ultimate client care.  To find out how this Investment Protection Strategy will work for your project, email us at [email protected]


Creating amazing environments within your budget requires a clear understanding of all the elements of design, manufacturing and construction.