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"To the credit of the guys at ICON, they absolutely nailed it. Most importantly we are absolutely thrilled with the end result. Really, really thrilled with the guys at ICON and the job that they did.  If you are thinking of using ICON, then you are making a very, very smart decision."  Paul Harrison

Nelson Alexander - Essendon

Looks can be deceiving! Behind the modest Nelson Alexander Essendon street frontage is a 500SQM pumping superoffice housing a large team of high achievers. Director & Auctioneer Paul Harrison’s leading vision was a sales & rentals teams hub for casual meetings to jumpstart cross pollination. Removing the dungeon feel of the long narrow tenancy comprised of pokey offices, ICON INTERIORS took the poorly used uncomfortable rabbit warren space to a light, bright, positive & open workspace. Taking inspiration from the original brief of an ‘energetic’ and ‘fun’ space the in-house ICON INTERIORS Design Team created a palette of a classy maroon, grey & navy for front of house, with an outrageous orange and blue combo for the team to achieve in back of house. Working with a long narrow battle-ax shaped building was a challenge our Design Team rose to the occasion for, creating a fully functional space allowing the Nelson Alexander team at Essendon to achieve (even more) greatness!


Looks can be deceiving! Behind the modest Nelson Alexander Essendon street frontage is a pumping superoffice which occupies around 500 sqm of space.

From the start Director & Auctioneer Paul Harrison’s vision was to create a hub for the sales & rentals teams to casually meet and jumpstart cross pollination, and to remove the dungeon feel of the long narrow tenancy full of pokey offices.

Our design team worked with the challenging space to transform it into a thriving hub, opening up the real estate to maximise its potential.

The reception received a massive facelift, delivering a professional front and a highly functional layout. The whole front of house was revamped, enabling us to achieve a very generous boardroom around three times the size of their previous one & two meeting rooms. The boardroom seats up to 40 people easily with the ottomans on four sides in Laine Conforto Ample fabric, and room for more, enabling them to keep sales & rentals meetings in house, eliminating the cost of hiring rooms. It also allows them to avoid the additional current risk of coronavirus, as everything is kept in house. Check out this blog on how other positives have come out of this pandemic.

The main feature of the boardroom and meeting rooms is the carpet, which are Godfrey Hirst Retro carpet tiles in Cloud, Moonlight & Night Sky , laid in an interesting pattern to mimic plaid. The vision behind the design was to emulate an expensive custom carpet without the expense and inconvenience of custom printed broadloom. A showstopper, this design feature does not cost any extra.

Forming separate zones for different teams through furniture layout and custom joinery in Tuross Oak matt Polytec & Storm matt Polytec while not removing the vibe of an open workspace was a challenge we smashed.

In the sales area, high shelving units set out aeroplane style have formed hyperacoustic spaces where calls are dampened and not heard outside of their workzone. This ensures minimum sound distraction- the number 1 workplace complaint is around acoustics so this is a key factor to get right from the start. Acoustic screens to the splashback of each workstation in a cheery orange not only adds fun factor but introduces a soft, pinnable & absorbent surface which reduces echo and unwanted sound transfer. There is an interesting blog on acoustics here - and how it is important to get it right the first time. 

In the rentals area, similar to the sales area, desk & shelving units create spaces for the teams who can spin around in their chairs for a quick chat. The shelving provides them with plenty of storage space and the generous 1800mm long desks are ideal for rentals, who often have a lot of paper files. A long bank of cupboards which house the files for around 3500 properties and their accompanying keys flank one whole side of the room, easily accessible to all the rentals staff.

Retaining the raw brick walls in the rentals space and painting it Dulux Natural White in the rest of the tenancy leant an industrial vibe to the otherwise very clean space. The unfinished ceiling adds to this, giving a touch of roughness. What design style would you like for your office?

The critical purpose of the entire transformation was to create friendly, energetic, inspiring hub for the sales and rentals teams to get together and break down barriers. A generous breakout space sprinkled with pops of orange and blue and a bright orange kitchen achieved this. Different seating options in the breakout allows people to either eat with colleagues, break off into groups or relax on the couches. We find that these spaces are often used as so much more than somewhere to eat during lunch, as people use the area to make calls and to have internal catchup meetings with other staff. The kitchen, a winning combination of Laminex Mandarin natural  teamed with fresh white hardware (Carysil Granite sink & Matera knobs from Dorset & Pegasi tapware from Faucet Strommen) makes a bold statement and introduces an instant happy factor to the room. It gets a smile from everyone who sees it!

Before ICON INTERIORS transformed the building, there were three noncompliant toilets which were unpleasant to use with paper thin walls. We reworked the space to fit in two toilets and a disabled toilet, all performed to the BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements. With one wall painted in a cheery, welcoming Dulux Sweet Mandarin orange, Dulux Sir Edmund navy blue doors and black hardware, the vastly improved toilets are a huge win for the whole team.

ICON INTERIORS loved working with Nelson Alexander! From the receptionist to the director, everyone who works here is a wonderful person. Their culture is much to be admired and has been enhanced by their new space which unites ultimate functionality & awesome looks without breaking the bank!


What our clients say...

"Most importantly we are absolutely thrilled with the end result. Hi everyone, Paul Harrison from Nelson Alexander Real Estate, about 3 months ago we sat down with the guys at ICON, and spoke about a brief for an office renovation. We interviewed a couple of suitors at the time, and we felt that the team at ICON understood our brief, certainly understood us & our business and would deliver on what we wanted. It was a difficult process, it was an old building, and an odd shape building, we were concerned about utilizing the space in the best manner, but again to the credit of the guys at ICON, they absolutely nailed it. We were delighted with the brief, we were delighted with the preliminary information that was provided to us. We were certainly happy with the seamless way that they were able to work through some of the challenges of relocating staff, and staging the development of the fitout for us. Really, really thrilled with the guys at ICON and the job that they did. Right from the very start – from the brief right through the project management, all the way to the finished product.  Thank you all, and if you are thinking of using ICON, then you are making a very, very smart decision." Paul Harrison - Nelson Alexander

"The fact that you guys automatically identified what the issues were, and through really great design, you were able to convert something that was so antiquated, and well overdue, to something that really does spark magic.  Anyone that walks in, it is a wow factor, that’s literally the word they’re using. It just looks like a magic wand has been cast over it, and its just been reinvented! You can feel, there’s a different energy, and a different flow in the way it has been configured, in every way, even down to the smaller spaces. The site team were amazing, they were so respectful, sometimes tradies have a little bit of a reputation, but honestly, we actually befriended them, they were really polite and respectful and good at what they did. If anything was picked up, they would be onto it. All in all, we are really excited, and we are really proud." Suzi - Nelson Alexander

“I’ve worked here for 14 years - This is amazing, we’re so happy, its really beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for a  better set out. The tradies & project managers were wonderful”   Jo – Nelson Alexander

“This is a big thank you to you all for a beautiful workplace – it is just a pleasure coming here every day, it’s a beautiful environment, it was a really great positive experience, so thank you once again!’ Laura – Nelson Alexander

“It’s a great result – we are so thrilled with it. The breakout room is tremendous, it’s a really good place to catch up” Jacinta Vear – Nelson Alexander



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