Why to renovate offices now

Why is now the perfect time to renovate my offices?

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Why is now the perfect time to renovate my offices?

People are asking us, ‘Why is now the perfect time to renovate our offices?’ Now is a brilliant time to renovate or relocate & transform your workplace. Now with reduced staff (or no staff) on site as many are working remotely, you have some time to work on your business, not just in your business. This gives you the ability to have a really clear head about what you need to achieve within the space and how you can apply the latest standards of social distancing to allow your staff to come back to work as soon as possible. These standards relating to social distancing also leverage a whole bunch of acoustic mitigation strategies to help people work with reduced acoustic trauma and thus be more productive.

Now is the time! All this work can be undertaken with reduced disruption to staff in the office. This is the time for a clean sweep, and there is also a lot of government incentives around what the tax department will allow you to do, to take advantage of this time to get things moving. The key thing is you want to be the first one out of the gate when the coronavirus restrictions lift. Once the restrictions are off, the economy is going to be ready to launch. And you want to be ready to be the first one out of the gate, not scrambling around trying to organise your team and scramble infrastructure into place when you could be doing it now, with a cool head, government incentives and reduced staff on the ground.

We can get it right for you – we would love to help you be the first one out of the gate. If you would like to give us a call, we are able to help you on this.

Click the link to see more videos on this topic to show how you can take advantage of this epoch, as now is the time to get your offices right.

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