Can a mezzanine floor solve my problems?

Will a mezzanine floor solve my problems?

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Will a mezzanine floor solve my problems?

A lot of our clients have found that when they bring in an expert who can analyse their operation and workplace, they can often discover dead space you didn’t know you could unlock. The space planners can reshuffle to make the most out of your square metres and enable larger capacity, eliminating the need for a mezzanine.

How can a space planner help?

People may think they need a 150 sqm mezzanine, and the space planner ask, what’s it for? We need to store additional pallets, or additional office space – we need 4 managers offices & 16 workstations. A space planner can help! What we thrive on is coming in to assess the whole space and see what’s unused & underutilized, and how we can reallocate sqm to achieve a more efficient result for you.

It’s all about reducing risk & increasing return on investment, so your team can do their best work. With that in mind, it’s worth engaging a professional to get a fresh set of eyes, people who are really experienced in this can call it, ‘What is that area?’ and you find there’s some sacred area & for whatever reason that’s hugely underutilized. The answer may not be a mezzanine. There might be some other far more effective ways you can allocate capital, to get the return on investment you need & additional capacity for your team.
Get a professional in who can really unlock value for you, to open up the choices that are yours. It’s all about return on investment. You don’t just put up mezzanines for fun. What’s the outcome? How much is the spend? And then is there another way of getting that productivity increase or additional accommodation?

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