Fish bowl project transparency shows the daily project progress giving huge piece of mind and removing the worry of the unknown & the need for constant site visits.  We provide confidential access to site updates, payments and change requests through our project delivery software program.

YES! - i want project peace of mind

Transparency & Communication At Its Peak

Transparent project management is a big part of your peace of mind.  Knowing that all is going to plan, on target, on cost & in terms of timing as well. Our transparent project management module software support system assists our project management team & it gives you the same fish bowl clarity of what’s going on site, the same view our Project Managers access.  Receiving daily project update photos show the progress on site. The system holds a log of all the plans, so if your IT company needs it, your IT support team can access the data plan, download & share.  If the financier wants a progress update, they can log in and see site progress.  If one of our building surveyors does an inspection and defects something, or an engineer issues a defect notice, you have access to this. You can see the responses, how the compliance was achieved on that defect. It gives you tracking of all compliance certificates, the progress all the way through. It shows upcoming invoices, & amounts already paid.  Finance can check in and see what’s coming up, & log in the payments.  Its very transparent, like a fish bowl – we are all working off the same page. Or you can request an upgrade – can we install AV equipment in the boardroom please – you can hit request. Our team will get all the raw costs for you, respond back, and say this is the cost plus the supervision margin, yes or no, you can press yes & approve. This is all part this transparent project delivery system that’s on time, on budget & open for all to see in your team.  Over the years our clients used to worry that we would meet the timing deadline, because so much converges & meshes in the last week.  Specialised wall finishes, stone benchtops, final commissioning, veneer wall lining, custom rugs, sometimes customs lightings, it’s installed in the last week. And having that project management transparent looking glass view allows you to see that everything is on target & have confidence that it will all come together on time at the finish line. A massive benefit t you, peace of mind, fixed lump sum costings & guaranteed project delivery

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