Positives we can learn from pandemic

What are the positives we can learn from this pandemic?

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The positives are enormous. Firstly, we are seeing a huge level of empathy. There is also a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and personal care. How are cleaning procedures being done in workplaces and homes? Maybe there are some basics we have let slip. We have so many vaccines for so many different conditions, that maybe we haven’t been as careful as we should have been.

People are starting to think proactively about how things are done. Ways to reduce contact points – all these things are progressing & moving forward. The collective brain power of the world is working together on how to make better ventilators, how to do things faster & cheaper. There are multiple companies that are joining in the bio medical space, sharing research. There are five or six big companies sharing data instead of being in competition enabling faster solutions. Maybe this will be a model for the future, in the interest of mankind, more companies will join and progress these initiatives a lot faster so we can reduce the toll on & suffering to humanity.

People are looking at their workplace and working out how much they can do from home, and how much they need to commute. Those in the workplace are looking at what they can change in design, and what they are doing wrong. What are they doing well? What do they need to stop? All these things are promoting discussion, they’re promoting thought, and I think we can be looking forward to a brighter future – when we see just how many people in the world are working towards a common goal.

This pandemic is bringing hearts and minds together to find a solution – it shows what we are capable of. It making us more aware of the less fortunate, and what we can do to achieve greater good together.

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