Have you narrowed the tenancy search to 2 or 3 frontrunners? We help you make an informed decision on the best tenancy by providing you a detailed comparative cost of fitout analysis. This complimentary service before committing to a lease will remove the anxiety & save you time & project costs.

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We Help You Select The Right Tenancy

Do you need help selecting a tenancy? We help you with tenancy advisory advice. Lots of clients will narrow their search down to 2 or 3 different sites, and they might be happy with those. And they might even engage a tenancy advisory consultant acting on their behalf.  But now they need to know the real cost of actually moving in and implementing their Fitout & can they even fit. They may have a couple of test fits from their tenancy advisory.  Drilling in properly makes sure your company fits well in the space & what the costs will be.  We assessed three different sites for one client, three test fits based on their specific needs, and then gave them the costs to Fitout. The surprise for the client was that the most unlikely site was the clear winner, looking at rent cost, the various landlord incentives but also the actual cost of the Fitout specific to that tenancy.  Another example, a 5 year old building might have a lot of technology embedded into the building in terms of lighting, air conditioning, smoke & fire detection EWIS systems, and they are significantly more expensive to conduct the Fitout than say a 12 year old, or 20 year old or older stock building, that does have all the high tech features and therefore doesn’t need as much implementation & integration.  We can help you, if you’ve got 2 or 3 sites narrowed down, we offer a complementary tenancy advisory service. We’re not lawyers, but we also help you with your lease once you’ve got the lease draft sorted, we can pick through & we can identify areas that could bite you on the way out.  And just sweeten those terms up for you to make it a lot easier for you on exit, and also potentially a lot easier going in.  We can help you make the right choice for your next 5, 10, 15-year lease period. Our tenancy advisory service is very advantageous for you to know for sure that you have done the right decision. You might be senior management , and have been asked to select 2 or 3 sites to put to the board or to the CEO - we can give you certainty, you know when you’re submitting that application to the powers that be, that you are on the right track & you have made the right choice for your company.

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