Social distancing impacting our workplace future

How will social distancing impact our workplace in the future?

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How will social distancing impact our workplace in the future?

A question we are being asked by business leaders, who are thinking about their teams, and what they will look like when they reassemble in say 4 -6 months’ time. Will social distancing rules still apply? Most likely yes. We are entering into a new paradigm of awareness of hygiene, & the spread of infection. This includes other viruses that may continue in the future, as well as the common cold & flu. We are becoming hyper-aware of how infection can spread throughout an office that hasn’t been laid out correctly.

Will there even be physical workplaces going forward? I’ve seen some interesting studies that have been done since this pandemic. For example, a survey was done; what are you more worried about? The economic impacts of what’s happening now, or impacts on health? 60% were worried about economics, and only 50% were worried about health – I’m sure those people will reconsider when they see what’s being rolled out support wise. Another survey showed that 75% of people wanted to physically come to the workplace, but something like 86% wanted the choice of whether they could work from home or whether they could come into the office. It is two different questions – people say yes, they would come to work predominantly, even if they preferred to stay at home, but they did want the choice.

Workplaces will need to address the needs of the future. The physical workplace will become more important than ever before as a springboard into opportunities. It will create renewed vigour to deliver value to our clients, be better team members, be better social contributors, promote greater good in the community and promote prosperity to take the country forward.

Social distancing and design measures that will need to be implemented around workplace design will be a key issue in the future. We are working on multiple solutions to enable teams to be physically together in the workplace.

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