Explaning when to connect Internet in new office fitout

When should I get my internet connected?

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I’m moving offices, when should I apply for my internet connection?

This is a question that comes up over and over and over. Our clients ring their service provider, and they say ‘What’s your moving date? We’ll swap it over on the day.’

Many, many times, to great sorrow, this has not been achieved. Clients apply for it, and the provider makes all the promises and they get multiple assurances that they can cut it over on the day. Then, time after time, the day they move in there is no service. Sometimes the next week, the next month there is still no service. Our clients are given a document to say you’re allowed to sue the provider to the value of $750.

From our many years of experience, we recommend that you apply for a new internet service at the new location, at least two months before you need it. Allow it to be installed, commissioned and tested. Then when you relocate, apply for relocation of services. Once you’ve got relocation of services, you can simply turn off the first one. This is the way to make sure that you have the redundancy you need, so you’re not caught out like multiple clients of ours who have been assured against our best recommendations, and they’ve ended up with no internet. Even a global company with everyone hotspotting on their phones. Absolutely ridiculous. Apply for the services in advance, get a short-term contract, even if it’s a low grade, small connection, so you’ve know you’ve got the services there. Then relocate and disconnect what you don’t need.

We’re all about making sure that your staff are productive and happy and producing for you and your clients from the first day, and internet is a crucial component of that.