The gloss from working while enforced by Government regulations is wearing off!  Feedback shows Teams have become fragmented, newly onboarded team members have not been able imbibe the company culture & senior – junior relationships that fast track professional development has stalled. Even with working from home options continuing workplace design is at an all-time high priority.

YES! - how does this impact me?

Staff Disconnect Vs. Team Immersion & Osmosis

Working from home – a big topic – everyone has an opinion on it.  With lots of feedback coming in from around the world, its really interesting for leaders, for organisations & even for employees. There’s a certain amount of employees that are very active on LinkedIn, sharing how working from home is working for them.  The majority of employees aren’t sharing how its not working for them.  One of key things about a team is, immersion and osmosis as a way of developing the teams full potential.  An example: you could have a key salesperson, and you put have 2 juniors in the same area. After about 3 months of hearing how that team leader is responding & handling the tough questions, the 2 juniors are becoming upskilled by immersion, they’re in that area, they are hearing the expert responses. And osmosis – they’re learning by hearing, by being in the vibe. Its actually the fastest way to learn.  With the current working from home out of necessity with COVID-19, obviously into the future there will be more work choices around where we work.  But when you don’t work together as a literal team, you lose the key osmosis and immersive learning that’s essentially upskilling your team. Also missing in the work from home scenario, is mentoring. A lot of an organisation is value creation, in sales, in problem solving relying on the team energy, the team response, & the backwards and forwards for creative ideas for marketing.  All these key points where people are designed to interactive with people.  Going forward there’s likely be more choice, Departments like credit control & finance that are very siloed and only need to report on the numbers, they may be able to successfully able to work from home. Anything in value creation, problem solving, a detailed cycle or sales process, in design, a lot of these teams, the actual value & magic flow occurs when you have the team together. The team together is what brings the passion, and its what draws the most out of all the players. And the different perspectives of the teams.  Another example is a football team.  The football coach could email all the team every Monday with the number of push ups & sit ups, how many glasses of water, the diet & vitamin plan for the week, & just see the team in November for the grand finale.  That team would be completely obliterated when it came time to play.  In the workplace today, getting the teams together is an important part of getting the dynamic of the team.  The team that trains, plays, and works together to get better solutions & better value for their clients becomes a sustainable & continuous model development.  Appreciation of different perspectives that occurs within a team, is another important factor that working from home completely misses.  It’s great that big topic has so many people willing to share & participate on what’s working and what isn’t. There needs to be a greater understanding of what the long term mental health effects of being apart from the home is, apart from the workplace along with giving rise to more of the contractor model with less employee stability.  The teams that will grow, survive & thrive in these times are the ones that really mesh as people.  We are human, designed to grow together & share the greater good.  If social distancing is here to stay, having the suitable workplace allowing team growth & energy is critical for your business to become a success.

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