Insurance policy to cover icon interiors

Do we need an insurance policy to cover ICON INTERIORS project completion?

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Do we need an insurance policy to cover ICON INTERIORS project completion?

A question we often get asked is ‘Do we need an insurance policy when ICON INTERIORS undertakes our office transformation, or mezzanine factory/warehouse conversion?’ The answer is no, and there are multiple reasons for this.

  • ICON INTERIORS has been in business for 16 years

Firstly, we have been trading for 16 years. We are not just a collection of tradies putting together a bit of a project based on an architects plan. We have years of strong relationships with our core trade team and significant loyalty equity in all our trade arrangements.

  • We focus exclusively on your project

We never undertake more than six projects at one time, so we are able to focus exclusively on your project to make sure it all happens on time.

  • Insurance

We have three levels of insurance. We are registered builders as a company with the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) and the QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission). Additionally, I am personally registered as a builder (which is also essential to legally undertake any works) which covers you from the VBA and the QBCC. Thirdly, we have construction all risk insurance, which protects you and the tenancy the whole time we are doing the works there, which falls under the building permit scope of works. This gives you multiple layers of protection, meaning that you do not need to take out cove; it has all been taken care of.

However, when you are selecting your fitout contractor, you may want to ask the questions, how long have they been in business? What is the commitment from the directors? Are they registered builders? Do they have that long track record, and established trade relationships to ensure that there is no break in the traffic? Or are they living hand to mouth using a collection of trades found on hipages that have been put together (perhaps for the first time) to secure your project?

We would love to carefully guide you through the process, to protect your interests, and deliver on time and in full.

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