Converting a house to a clinic video

Problems converting a house into a medical clinic – Klint case study

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Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies

The big problem

The team at Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies were looking to expand & reposition in the Mulgrave area. They located a house that they wanted to convert into a medical clinic. Our team had a meeting with Keegan and Leanne who they were very clear on what they needed to achieve from a business perspective.

What we found

They had already spent a bunch of money with a designer and an engineer, had wasted a lot of time speaking to a building certifier and multiple builders to try ascertain the costs.

Because they hadn’t used an integrated approach with the design team, the drafting team, building surveyor, engineers & builder working together, the builders weren’t able to give them guaranteed cost. The drawings weren’t finalized because they hadn’t been done in conjunction with the building certifier and the engineer. As a result, they not only had no idea what sort of numbers they would be looking at but weren’t even sure if it was legally possible.

They didn’t know if at the end of spending all this money if they would even be allowed to operate as a medical clinic.

The solution

We use an integrated approach using just the one team. The first thing we did was amalgamated all the drawings between the design team and the building certifier, and the engineering with the build team. This allowed us to get a better picture of what we could achieve with town planning, engineering, and building certifications so that we could provide guaranteed cost, guaranteed timing and guaranteed permitted use at the end of this whole rigmarole.

It is critical to the success of your house to medical clinic conversion to use an integrated team combining the design, building surveyor, town planner and build team to make sure it can be done, legally, compliantly, and in a cost-controlled manner with guaranteed timing.

If you’ve got a project coming up converting a house to a medical clinic, please give me a call. I’m Gavin from Icon Interiors 0439 002 575 or [email protected]. We would love to help you and provide you strategic advice.

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