Don't believe it if a fitout 'salesperson' says you don't need a building permit.  They are either ignorant, or their company isnt a registered builder in Victoria. We protect you with full permits with our in-house team of surveyors, planners, registered builders, and designers to ensure your insurance is valid, and you are protected from litigation.

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Office Fitout Compliance - It's Not As Hard As It Seems

Workplace compliance is a big part of your new workplace & your new Fitout.  If you get a Fitout salesperson that says you don’t need a building permit because its internal works – you might believe that – its not true. Building permits are required, under the VBA, if there is any change to essential service & building essentials. i.e. paths of travel for fire, so did you build a wall? You’ve just changed the direction, did you change lighting, they’re essential services. Did you change plumbing? – essential services. Airconditioning/Sprinklers & all critical building infrastructure – that triggers a building permit.  A building permit is what you need – whoever you select to transform your workplace - don’t dodge this part.  Compliance & building permits are not expensive - they protect you and guarantees the process.  It ensures everyone working on you project is registered & licenced, and at the end you get a certificate of compliance, a certificate of final completion, and you’re protected.  When you have the crack in-house team like we have, a team of building surveyors, town planner, registered & compliant trades, we put all this together in a package, to avoid a big cost impact.  We have got the fastest permit process, we have the tightest team, to make sure that the permit isn’t in the distance. 5 to 10 days max. It covers off everything, it protects you, and at the end you know you’ve got… it would be like buying a car with no registration. It guarantees your occupancy. We would love to help you & show you how compliance is not expensive, but a necessary legal part of moving into your new space.  You can have peace of mind that ICON INTERIORS are registered commercial builders, protecting you, insuring you, covering you with all construction risk insurance, ensuring that everything is followed as per the building code.  We would love to help you & give you that peace of mind with compliance.

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