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Do I need a commercial registered building practitioner when renovating my offices?

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Do I need a commercial registered building practitioner when renovating my office?

If you want to do renovations of any kind for your offices or workplace, yes, you do need a commercial registered building practitioner. It is a critical part of the building permit to have someone who is licensed to undertake these works.

The company that your builder works in must also be commercially registered firstly as a Building Company. This change which took place in the last 12- 18 months now means that the trading company itself must be a registered building practitioner with a licence and registration number. In addition to this, one of the directors of the company must be a registered building practitioner. These requirements protect you as a consumer and ensure you aren’t being scammed with non-compliant and unsafe works.

A commercial registered building practitioner will work with the building surveyor/ certifier and they’ll have the correct insurances. They’ll be able to conduct the works and have insurance cover to avoid you tangled in a legal public risk case. They will also be covered for structural works and defective materials to safely and legally carry out the works.

This also protects you from equipment failure as part of the installation, ensuring you receive all the certificates provided to you at completion which mean the works are compliant. A commercially registered building company won’t agree to do illegal works for you, but we know the regulation so well we can still get what you need within the space, legally.

The calibre of a commercial registered building company is moving up with a far more rigorous registration process which includes credit checks, credit worthiness, and police checks of the directors. This all protects you as a consumer, so that when you engage a registered builder, they can legally provide you the services that you require without any danger to you.

I’m a commercial registered building practitioner myself, and if you’re interested in finding out more about the process or if you’ve got an upcoming project you like some help on, please contact me on [email protected] or 0439 002 575.

I’d love to help talk you through some of the difficulties and challenges and how we’ve solved it for others.

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