Can you stay in the clinic whilst renovations take place?

Can I stay in my medical clinic while we renovate?

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Do you have a medical practice or a workplace that you know needs to be transformed to be brought up to the mark to let your team to do their best work? Think it’s impossible because you need to keep operating? Can’t put your business on hold works? Keep reading to solve all your problems! 

We completely gutted and renovated the core of the Gisborne Medical Centre. Their hours of operation were 8AM to 8PM, and we had to co-ordinate changing the whole core of their operation including the nurse area & the emergency area. These spaces all had to be completely remodelled & additional clinic rooms had to be installed. We had to complete vinyl installation, run a lot of body protective circuits and more, without any loss of operability.  

This was very important clinic for this community, and they came to us because they needed to know how this all could be achieved. We set up a night works program combined with staged works, which we documented in multiple plan overlays to demonstrate the process. We completed this zone by zone in order to keep all things functioning. From 7PM to 5AM we completed demolition, partitioning, electrical & plumbing work, and from 5AM to 8PM we cleaned the site ready for their next day of care. 

The whole project was done seamlessly following the overlay plan, which also allowed us to manage their internal and phone connections, air-conditioning, water supply etc. and control dust. 

In terms of how completing the works like this affects the cost, you are looking at an extra $25 an hour per person on site. As relocating was not an option for a medical centre of that scale, this is not a huge extra cost. It was maybe $5,000- $7,000 extra on works of $250,000. 

Sometimes we had some trades working during the day within completely contained rooms, meaning it could be managed from an OHS point of view, speed works and avoid any disruption to the operation. 

So if you’d like to renovate your workplace or medical centre and you can’t move out or close down and there’s no way we can stage the works by separating you off to another area, we can do it like a live heart transplant.  

If you’d like your team to be able to up their game and bring the best version of themselves to work so that they can create the best for your clients, please give us a call. We’d love to help and show you how you can renovate and stay. 

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