Applying workplace standards in line with pandemic

Did we apply workplace standards in line with social distancing prior to this pandemic?

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Did we apply workplace standards in line with social distancing prior to this pandemic?

A great question we are being asked is ‘did ICON INTERIORS apply the new guidelines of social distancing in the workplace design before this virus became a thing?’

The answer, interestingly, is yes, we did. Because of our process which includes the ICON INTERIORS 5 Wellbeing Principles © of the science behind office design, the new parameters of social distancing, spacing & screening in between people have always been a part of our strategy to create healthy, happy workspaces. Our use of the Principles of Acoustics, Lighting, Biophilia, Ergonomics & Spatial Engagement, mean that, pre coronavirus, (COVID-19) we were already resolving the challenges that need to be faced with the new social distancing paradigm.

We strive to be on the edge of design, so that you can be sure that your project is optimized, not only for protecting your employees, but to ensure staff wellbeing & maximum productivity.

When you are looking at redesigning your offices to achieve these new minimums, to protect your staff and grow your business, give us a call. We would love to help you and show you how we have been delivering for clients and show you how you too can have that edge.

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