Can I stay in my office while we renovate?


Can I stay in my office while renovate?  Mex Accounting – night works 

Are you thinking that you need to renovate your offices or workplace, but you’re worried that you might need to move out or put your business on hold while all this happens? Need to change your working environment to be able to grow your culture, grow your team, and increase productivity and think you can’t afford stop business while you complete works? 

The good news is that we resolved this dilemma many times! We’ve enabled companies to renovate and stay.  One example that we resolved is Mex Accounting in Mulgrave. First, we came up with the optimized design workplace design and then overlaid it over the existing layout in order to identify the areas that could be done via stages. We said to the client, we can do this project half at a time & it will take approximately four and a half weeks each stage. However, we then came up with an alternative that could help our team move forward faster and enable them to maintain a lot more operation.  

We asked them if we could have from Thursday night at 5:00PM through to Sunday evening or Monday morning 5:00AM over five weekends.  

Our elves came iThursday night 5:00PM and stripped all the carpet and existing partitioning, removing it in bins. All the cabling servicing the workstations data and electricity was then reconnected with umbilicals (a plastic spine from the ceiling to the desk to secure cords), which ensured compliance from a safety point of view, completing stage one. Monday morning the site got a detailed clean which meant the staff could come back in & continue standard operation for the next week. 

The next Thursday evening, the team mobilised again and fabricated the partition walls, leaving workstations in the clusters they were in, based on our overlay plan. This was repeated again on the following three Thursday nights to Monday mornings, gradually reassembling disassembled furniture and relocating them to new positions in a grand game of chess. The project was able to be kept within a sevenweek time frame instead of 9– 10 weeks, all the while minimalizing disruption to the staff and their work 

People ask is it costly to do a project like this. The cost of moving out is very prohibitive, and the cost of the disruption incurred by moving out is very prohibitive. We can set you up with all the temporary cabling, seating and workstations to make sure that the business keeps running as per normal operation. 

One thing that we often do in occupied or hot fitouts is post 3D renders of what it will look like after the transformation around the space. We also set up a countdown where each day can be crossed off. This helps staff to put up with the pain of occupied works as they can see what the goal is an what an awesome place they will have to operate in once the changes are complete. 

There are some small costs in the temporary cabling and furniture that needs to be installed, and multiple cleans that must happen. But other than that, it is very similar to an unoccupied fitout at the speed that our guys can work, especially if you are able to give us the flexibility to work over a weekend. 

That’s how we did it for Mex Accounting in Mulgrave. The results speak for itself. If you’ve got a challenge like this, or you’re not sure how it could work for your operation– we’d love to sit down with you. We would love to help you and show you how you can allow your team to do their best workattracting the best clients in their transformed workplace! 

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