Can I stay in my office while we renovate? Facey Industrial case study


Can I stay in my office while we renovate?

Case study: Facey Industrial

Is your workplace tired and in need of a transformation, is it holding your team back and you need additional capacity so you can grow? But to do that you think it’s not an option because you’d have to move out to be able to renovate. Wrong- we can help you to renovate and stay!

We helped our valued client, Facey Industrial in Dandenong to do just that. They had two levels in the building, and the client asked us to do about half the ground floor in Stage 1 and the remaining half of the ground floor in Stage 2. We worked out it was going to take approximately five weeks per side to be able to do that, meaning a total project time of 10-11 weeks, which the client was happy with. So we proceeded on that basis.

We then had another review and looked at the projected cost of running this project over such a long-time frame. We identified on the second level a bunch of storage area that we could convert to temporary workstations, relocating the ground floor team up to the second level with temporary internet and phone wiring looms so everyone stays connected. This meant we could reduce the project time; one week in relocation time and restoration of people time, and a six-week build.

We reduced the build time from 10-11 weeks to seven weeks. The saved cost of the additional project management over the longer time was reallocated to the temporary setup and cabling. They were able to maintain full connectivity and operation. We used dust contained areas to allow staff and clients to be able to access the second level while we did the ground floor.

They saved a lot of disruption and enabled the project to flow quickly with no additional costs. If you know that your business is being held back by poor workplace design and you’ve got these concerns about how to renovate and stay, we would love to discuss it with you. We would love to help you allow your team to do their best work able, creating happy customers and ensuring your business is sustainable into the future.

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