Can I stay in my office while we renovate? Rhenus Logistics case study


Can I stay in my office while we renovate?

Case study: Rhenus Logistics

Is your business growing, or needing to pivot and restructure to adapt to new changes, but you know your current workplace design is holding your team back? Is your physical environment preventing them from doing their best work and serving your clients to the very best? Do you know you need to renovate but you don’t want the cost of moving out?

The good news is we have multiple strategies for dealing with that. One of our valued clients, Rhenus Logistics in North Melbourne, had a three-story building in which they had grown organically over time and they were banging their heads against the ceiling when they came to us.

We created a workflow plan to renovate all three levels without reducing operational capacity while works were happening.

Starting at the second floor, we created the capacity for the additional growth as part of the master plan. Then, like chess pieces, we relocated the people to the second floor from the middle level who were going to remain in that position permanently. We then moved the balance of those people in the first floor into temporary accommodation. This enabled us to do the whole first floor. Then we took the people from the ground floor to the first floor and renovated the ground floor meaning that everyone could move to their final positions. After this we renovated both staircases from top to bottom. We left the staircase works to the very end to ensure the wall graphics didn’t get damaged during fitout of the various levels.

We integrated the new fibre optic service into their communications rack, optimizing all their all their digital communications into one streamlined process.

The project took around 3.5 weeks per level, then 1.5 weeks to renovate both staircases to compliance with continuous handrails etc. During that time were able to manage dust and other OHS requirements by changing access to the different levels via the three staircases which we had available.

We designed this workflow plan to ensure that they could run their business to their optimum capacity, building for the future without disruption.

If you’ve got if you’ve got any questions about renovating while staying versus the cost of relocation, we would love to help you. Rhenus had these questions too, and we were able to answer all of those, giving them a bulletproof business case so they could report to Germany & Singapore and get the relevant approvals.

Please give us a call if you have questions around this topic of staying vs moving out for a renovation. We will ensure your team stays connected during works so they can do their best work and keep giving your clients the best service.

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