Are you a non- profit or not for profit organisation?

Yes - I Would Like Special Fitout Costings To Support Our Mission!

Is your organisation workplace dated? Relocating or needing a re-fresh? ICON INTERIORS will help!
ICON INTERIORS are big supporters of charities, & the noble causes of organisations within the non- profit / not for profit space sectors. Improving the working environment & providing greater operational efficiencies to assist with the varying missions to make the world a better place is inspiring. When working with non- profit or not for profit organisations ICON INTERIORS pulls out all the stops to fit within the lower budget, working with suppliers & researching the best value for money, and cutting costs as low as possible without compromising on finish quality. Working with these organisations is extremely rewarding for TeamICON and assisting with budget is where the strategic design, value engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities come into play. Many non-profit & not for profit companies have a complex supplier process whereby multiple quotes & presentations are required to satisfy their due diligence. ICON INTERIORS are more than happy to help with this & are capable of providing all the required information for the organisation to make an informed decision.
The Lost Dogs Home office fitout Melbourne is a past example of a not for profit organisation ICON loved working with, and after completing multiple rounds of quotations, the North Melbourne office was transformed to suit the requirements of the new leadership, signaling a new era for their animal-loving mission.

Give us a call today to learn how ICON can improve your teams working environment, which ultimately will further your great cause!