Workplace style: Industrial Warehouse

Industrial style is usually associated with warehouses; the dramatic look and vibe of exposed ceilings showing the air-conditioning ducts, glass partitions and polished concrete being very well-known components of this style. The warehouse or industrial style workspaces often showcase oversized pendant lighting with the raised height ceilings. Typically paired with warm metals such as brass and copper, timber and greys, the industrial style can be viewed as cheap by some ethnicities, but to many people it is more pleasing to work in than a more ‘finished’ or traditional working space.

Interior designers need to be aware when designing with the popular industrial style space, is the huge issue of acoustics. There are often a lot of hard surfaces, such as the polished concrete floor, glass, metal staircases and exposed ceilings. These surfaces while looking great, have no acoustic properties at all, creating an unpleasant amount of reverberating noise which can make meeting spaces no longer private and the open workspace impossible for concentration and productivity. As a popular style in the workplace, ICON INTERIORS’ design team combats these issues with an individual and workplace specific acoustic mitigation strategy to manage this and providing a useable space but with the desired look.

The industrial look is often used in workplaces that incorporate offices and manufacturing work spaces.

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