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"The Icon creative design & depth of knowledge was the decider" David Thatcher | Managing Director

Magellan Logistics - Tullamarine

Global disruption by Magellan!  Game changing CEO Ferdinand Magellan In 1522 AD was the first company floated to circumnavigate the earth!  Magellan logistics like their namesake have gone global too!  Despite moving offices 3 times already in 10 years, David Thatcher & his team knew they needed a workplace strategy to take their office space to the next level to support their team and growth strategy into the future.  They needed a passionate and creative team that that understood the business operation, and could maximise the team culture that made Magellan who they are today. The challenge of moving the team from a single floor to a double story without losing any of the team magic required an innovative approach.  The centrepiece of the amazing solution was a mid level mezzanine to create a half way place to bring everyone together and provide and open connection with a soaring 8 meter high void!  A place to meet, to mingle, to share and grow together!  Magellan were thrilled to partner again with the passionate Icon team - Magellan’s 3rd new office in 10 years. Despite the longstanding partnership, Magellan’s procurement team were forensic in their design team selection to win their new flagship offices. They were looking for Creativity, a team with engineering strengths with the site challenges, and finally value for money.  The final result is resounding success for the Magellan team & their valued clients!

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