What has become the real value of the office in 2022?


The human need to be with one another is as fundamental as ever to long term wellbeing, talent renewal, and fortifying organisational culture & growth.

Coming out of times when the future of the office has been in question, the increasing value of the workplace real estate is to perform as People centres, not simply Task centres.

Creating a cultural identity and environment of staff enrichment, a sense of being part of something that is much greater than themselves.

The Icon design studio masterminded a floorplan blueprint layout that centralised the accessibility of the directors’ offices, but still achieving a full sense of privacy and acoustic control.

With Director driven mentorship & people performance development, the dynamic workplace is a thriving energy hub.

I needed someone that could create that vision, and deliver that vision, of exactly what I wanted. Icon was a clear standout. Culture & energy were crucial for me, and that is the space that has been delivered. What Icon has delivered here, everyone is talking about it.”

Is your office the place of choice, over your staff’s loungeroom?