How to create a bespoke GP Clinic on a tight budget?


After 10 years of being a GP for other clinics, Dr Ali had a vision to start his own medical practice.

The 2 key objectives of the new medical venture were to create a bespoke patient experience on a minimal budget, and to maximise the fee earning capacity of the family clinic with sub leasable space for pathology and allied health services.

Icon medical space planning methodology mapped the irregularly shaped tenancy, unlocking additional consult rooms and sub lease rooms and secondary waiting areas. The outcome is a high function & fee earning medical clinic fitout with a maximised floorplan, achieving a medical clinic fitout benchmark metrics score of 9.7 (out of 10).

As a start-up family practice in a suburb already serviced with medical clinics, Dr Ali needed to attract doctor talent and patients with a memorable medical fitout experience. The challenge for Icon Interiors was to design & build a bespoke medical fitout with budget restrictions. The outcome is a new generation family practice, meticulously built including acoustic design & build techniques for patient care & confidence.

Before going to anyone else, or signing a contract with anyone else, definitely contact Icon Interiors – at least get their opinion, it’s worth it”