Does your office environment spark your mission?


VICSEG, a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to build new pathways for an inclusive future in Australia.

VICSEG is driven by the belief that a diverse culture builds & strengthens our community.

After reaching out to a number of Melbourne office fitout companies, Icon Interiors was engaged to engineer the space for optimised space utilisation in the angular shaped tenancy shell.

As part of the tenancy space assessment and understanding the client’s brand and mission in the community, the Icon design team identified the connection between VICSEGS visual angle-shaped branding and the irregular shape of the tenancy itself.

What was a design challenge, was now a design opportunity. The interior design visual direction utilised a vibrant collection of triangular shapes inline with VICSEG corporate visual brand communications.

“Dealing with you (Icon) has been absolutely amazing, you have the solution to everything, you are just wonderful”

The outcome is an inspiring office fitout environment, propelling the VICSEG client community into the future.

The VICSEG stakeholders are ecstatic with the visual & felt experience of energy & renewal throughout the corporate workspace.

Is your mission statement in the drawer, or is it everywhere your people are?