Can crypto currency influence workplace design?


The world of cryptocurrency is fuelled by Silicon Valley culture, a renewal of collaborative energy, and a thriving team that works around the clock.

To energise and facilitate Caleb & Brown’s strategic growth, the Icon Studio re-engineered the proposed floorplan design, taking it from an overall workplace red zone rating of 4.6 to a high-output green zone rating of 9.5.

The design team space mapped the 800sqm tenancy for high performing space flow, people performance, and to establish an identity centre for Caleb & Brown client growth & partnerships into the future.

“When you guys came in, it gave us the assurance that every aspect of the fitout was considered. Speedy & intricate”

In a dynamic and energy driven environment, the Icon studio incorporated an acoustic mitigation strategy as part of the interior build and project delivery.

What do you think of the Bitcoin ape?