A Medical precinct saved from the wrecking ball…..


1 old building, 2 levels, 1800 square metres, with a forgotten past and an uncertain future. Once destined to be flattened, the 559 Queensberry Street building is now an iconic Medical Precinct.

To remodel, and bring a new future & asset value to an old building, without cost blowouts, is Icon’s signature expertise…

The Icon studio collaborated to create a grand entrance to the building that would achieve Disability compliance, including installing a lift for Ground & Level 1 access.

Crucial for the Investment ownership group, was to create an identity for the building as a prominent landmark in North Melbourne that would maximise asset value & return on investment.

With heritage overlay considerations to navigate, the Icon design studio collaborated to created multiple design directions and consulted with the Melbourne City Council to reach heritage approval.

What are your thoughts on us preserving a piece of Melbourne’s heritage, and saving it from demolition to become high-rise flats?