Is this pandemic forcing the end of offices? How is team connectivity maintained while working from home?


There are other aspects that come up in this discussion such as team synergies. For example, how could a football team all train at home, together via Zoom, and be expected to perform at an elite level when they get on the ground? The way business works, and the way teams work at any elite level (which business is more & more competitive to be as efficient & productive as possible) is the coming together of people. It’s great that people are being optimistic at the current time, and how they’re adapting to technology, and how various platforms such as Zoom are being hailed the future of business – but one of the key things that is being overlooked is how people have a sense of wanting to come together. Out of that coming together comes true greatness, despite many, many examples around the world of people being able to collaborate in real time over the internet. Out of those challenges & interactions, people with people, is when real greatness happens