Icon Interiors projects impacted by virus

Are ICON INTERIORS’ projects paused because of the virus?

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Are ICON INTERIORS’ projects paused because of the virus?

People are asking us if ICON INTERIORS has slowed down at all with the virus restrictions. No, we haven’t at all. The construction industry is regarded as essential services. The VBA and WorkSafe have put out initial guidelines to maintain hygiene control which includes no sharing of tools and maintaining social distancing. Social distancing is quite easily achieved in this industry, as trade people often cannot work in close proximity to each other anyway- that is just the nature of the beast. This has meant our trade teams have been able to press on.

At head office, we already had physical separation & social distancing, pre-coronavirus, so we have all been able to continue coming to work. Some of our team have decided to work remotely, purely from their own personal choice – but the office does allow for us all to legally & safely come to work. The industry we operate in allows for it, and our sites allow for it.

So, with hygiene controls & social distancing, our team has been able to press on, taking our projects on full steam ahead to serve our clients on time, and in budget.

We would love to help you if you have a project, and show how we can continue transformations, unfettered, and take your project through to the finish line for you.