Critical to the success of your workplace design, Ergonomics is a Wellbeing Principle©. Ergonomics is a critical process & needs to be applied to your project.  It’s not a ‘not nice to have’ – it’s a must have.  Without a strategy being implemented at the beginning of the design stage, your new workplace project could be a total fail. 


How Important Are Ergonomics?

Ergonomics are often underrated in importance by typical fitout companies. There shouldn’t be a shortfall in ergonomicsas you as an employer, or you as a work leader need to provide for your staff to ensure their wellbeing. People are able to be more productive when they can have their workspace set up, so they don’t get back pain or other issues, and their physical health is being taken care of. It is imperative not to follow the pursuit of aesthetics, resulting in a reduction of ergonomic capacity. You really need to have that embedded into the design at all pointsIt is critical for staff well being and the overall success of your workplace. 

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