Lighting Ideas

Because the way we work has evolved, so too has office lighting design.

As a crucial element in illuminating every office fitout, a well-lit office space lights up with a seamless design that encourages employee well-being, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our 26 years experience in office fitouts shows us that in today’s open plan offices, the goal is to light the space evenly, rather than just lighting up the spot where someone sits.

Let Icon Interiors help you find the right combination of natural and artificial light and shed the right light on your office space.

Jellis Craig Corporate Office – South Yarra

Jellis Craig Corporate Office – South Yarra

Pearsons Lawyers – Glenroy

Woodard’s – Blackburn

Paksmart International – Nunawading

Pagan Real Estate – Travancore

Jellis Craig Corporate Office – South Yarra

Jellis Craig – Armadale


Creating amazing environments within your budget requires a clear understanding of all the elements of design, manufacturing and construction.