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Centre for Clinical Psychology - Carlton

Working in a highly confidential industry required Centre for Clinical Psychology’s new space to fill a very specific brief, on a capped budget within a challenging tenancy.  The private medical practice has flourished since the transformation of the psychology fitout Melbourne. With safe & calming acoustically sound client meeting rooms, custom storage zones & a light filled staff breakout recharge zone and collaboration spaces provides the most operational efficiency in the small tenancy, enabling the practitioners to best serve their clients.  The likeminded professionals can choose to work independently or collaborate together, promoting personal growth along with that of their clients.   Cost effectiveness & value for money was key for the shareholders, with the ability to renovate a tenancy with difficult site access in a tight timeframe. The CCP team are thrilled with the final outcome and ROI and are loving helping their clients within their new psychology fitout in Melbourne! 


The ICON INTERIORS 5 Wellbeing Principles© came into play for this project more than ever.  The consultants at CCP are treating people with severe psychological disorders, & many colours & patterns can be perceived in a negative way. Using the science behind a successful Clinic, we ensured the space was conducive to the psychologists getting the best result for their clients, which is when the client feels the most comfortable in their surroundings.  As the Medical Clinic in Carlton treats a range of ages and stages, the challenge was to create a design to promote both old & young people to opening up to their consultant, lighter timbers being more effective for younger demographics & darker for older. Inclusive design was a large part of the success with colour being used sparingly and with a lot of consideration for the same reason.  Each consulting room featured a light blue feature wall, along with blue accent couches, as blue is a colour promoting deep thought and evoking happy blue skies. The carpet choice was also carefully considered with the client comfort in mind, as patterns can often appear as bugs crawling or other unsettling things to some, and rugs can seem like a big hole which one could fall through.

Balancing neutrality while keeping the space feeling like a warm, comforting home was a challenge we loved. It was great working with the wonderful Emma Symes & John Finch who are absolute experts in their field.

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