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ICON INTERIORS’ mission was bringing the Commercial & Residential divisions under one roof creating a superoffice to leverage Jason Real Estate’s longstanding experience and brilliant happy culture.  Behind the incredible result were significant compliance challenges, with heavy structural engineering required to join the two tenancies into one.  Jason’s fathers’ mantra is “Treat everyone you meet like gold” which along with having clients for life, ensures each team member feels part of the Jason Real Estate family.  With both Jason & his father placing such high value on their incredible team, each staff member was provided with ample assigned desking and shelving, building on the company longevity and high staff retention record.  The star of the show would have to be the curved wall clad in feature grade Australian hardwood in the Reception, seamlessly tying together the two tenancies while creating large scale ambiance in a compact area.  Standout STATUARIO SIX+ composite stone to the concierge joinery provides a CBD look & feel to the Tullamarine Headquarters, with the back of house team areas fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.  ICON INTERIORS’ experience and higher level of expertise for an ‘occupied’ fitout led the seamless team & division merge for Jason Real Estate.

Jason’s priority is his staff and their wellbeing. With that in mind, he wanted to bring his whole team under one roof, merging the Glenroy office into the Tullamarine office and creating a superoffice. Taking over the tenancy next door gave him the space to be able to do that, and all he needed was a team who had the expertise and qualifications to turn dreams into reality.

After reviewing several providers, ICON INTERIORS stood out to Jason, not only because of our superior expertise and experience in the space of office fitouts in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs, but because we were able to create extensive comfortable accommodation for all his staff within the tight amount of square metres.

In order to unite the two tenancies and the two teams, we demolished parts of the separating wall in the reception & in the back of house, installing two large beams to take the weight of the ceiling and the walls. This expedition was not without its dramas as we had to keep one side fully operational at all times, enabling Jason to continue with business as unusual. Completing the unoccupied right hand side half first, creating the penetrations, moving Jason & his staff to the right hand side and continuing with the transformation on the left hand side  meant there was no disruption to his service to his highly valued staff. We are experts in what is referred to as an ‘occupied’ fitout, the nature of the work resembling a large-scale brain surgery, as we have to work around the people with minimal disruption.

Through many conversations with Jason about what he wanted to create & how his team work, we were pleased to accomplish an amazing floorplan which united the two separate spaces & teams. A common breakout between the tenancies allows for chance encounters and collaboration between the teams, further enhanced by a table each side which serves for team meetings & lunch breaks. Divided into residential & commercial, the team work as one under Jason’s inspiring, friendly leadership and his fathers’ (who also works there) mantra to ‘treat everyone you meet like gold’.

Unwilling to cramp his staff like battery hens, Jason decided to forgo a few extra desks in favour of larger spaces for his longstanding staff. Ample shelving for files and personal storage, acoustic screens & fully ergonomic chairs (vs. synchronised chairs which are touted as ergonomic but are not suitable for constant daily use and cause back issues) complete each desk position.

A simple colour scheme using black, dark greys, whites & a warm mid-brown timber look laminate, Natural Oak by Polytec and pops of red to reference Jason’s branding create a CBD feel in the suburban office.

Black & charcoal patterned carpet, Mentone in Café Noir by Godfrey Hirst  is brightened by puddles of Spectrum in Crimson by Godfrey Hirst  under the twin set of collaboration tables.

In the front of house, the reception is a marvel created from engineered stone (Quantum Quartz StatuarioSix), meticulously bookmatched to a tee. A work of art, our Stonemasonry Team worked on it all night and day over a weekend, so it was available for use on Monday.

Behind the stunning reception, a curved wall is clad in Australian feature grade wood, which was carefully spaced to fit logically around the inset planter boxes & the length of the wall. Another part of this project in which our Tiler excelled, was the floor tiling between the two tenancies. A beautiful job, the tiles line up straight although it was done in two parts and the floor level differed by around 100mm.

Ample meeting and boardroom spaces finish the space, enabling Jason to bring all his talent under one roof, creating further team bonding and a stronger culture. We loved working with Jason as his ethos coincides with ours. The end result is stunning and 110% usable for Jason and his team!

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