Would Suzi’s clients love the office transformation?

Yes – I Would Love To Gain Operational Efficiencies In My Workplace
Looks can be deceiving! Behind the modest Nelson Alexander Essendon street frontage is a 500SQM pumping superoffice housing a large team of high achievers. Director & Auctioneer Paul Harrison’s leading vision was a sales & rentals teams hub for casual meetings to jumpstart cross pollination. Removing the dungeon feel of the long narrow tenancy comprised of pokey offices, ICON INTERIORS took the poorly used uncomfortable rabbit warren space to a light, bright, positive & open workspace. Taking inspiration from the original brief of an ‘energetic’ and ‘fun’ space the in-house ICON INTERIORS Design Team created a palette of a classy maroon, grey & navy for front of house, with an outrageous orange and blue combo for the team to achieve in back of house. Working with a long narrow battle-ax shaped building was a challenge our Design Team rose to the occasion for, creating a fully functional space allowing the Nelson Alexander team at Essendon to achieve (even more) greatness!

“The fact that you guys automatically identified what the issues were, and through really great design, you were able to convert something that was so antiquated, and well overdue, to something that really does spark magic.  Anyone that walks in, it is a wow factor, that’s literally the word they’re using. It just looks like a magic wand has been cast over it, and its just been reinvented! You can feel, there’s a different energy, and a different flow in the way it has been configured, in every way, even down to the smaller spaces. The site team were amazing, they were so respectful, sometimes tradies have a little bit of a reputation, but honestly, we actually befriended them, they were really polite and respectful and good at what they did. If anything was picked up, they would be onto it. All in all, we are really excited, and we are really proud.” Suzi – Nelson Alexander